Study Groups and Interdisciplinary Research Projects

The CEP hosts a growing community of research groups and projects, initiated and organized by affliated students and faculty.

Beginning in Fall 2017

expanded poetics: romantic, modernist, contemporary

Supported by a 4-year SSHRC Insight Grant, this project will historicize contemporary interdisciplinarity through the lens of poetics, situating it in relation to Jena Romanticism’s concept of Poesie as a unity of the arts and sciences and in relation to modernist practices of inter-arts experimentation.

cinepoetics research group

The Cinepoetics Research Group explores relationships between poetic language and cinematic images through weekly screenings and discussions. Organized by Robin Graham. 

Journal feature on expanded poetics

A special issue of Evening Will Come, in The Volta, dedicated to Expanded Poetics. Featuring work by affiliated students with international artists and critics, including work in dance, textiles, music, video, sculpture, drawing, poetry, prose, and conceptual art. 

DOCUMENTS - Publishing Imprint

Printed at the CEP, designed and bound in collaboration with LOKI and Anteism, DOCUMENTS publishes work attesting to the multiplicity of practices, techniques, and modes of theoretical intelligence that inform contemporary poetics. Available here.


We subjected the Place Ville-Marie complex to investigation and critique across two semesters. The following projects then took the landmark’s formal parameters and dense network of histories as bases for poetic transformations.


A series of risograph printed chapbooks and ephemera edited by CEP affiliate Jean-Jacques Martinod, designed and printed by Bretta Walker.

risograph printing projects

Collaborating with students and groups to create exploratory print media. Risography situates text and image at the intersection of digital technology and screen printing.

material codes, ephemeral traces

A woven translation of the audio recording from a collective reading of Lisa Robertson's The Men. A collaboration between Joelle Levesque and Sophia Borowska of the Weaving Data Research Group.