Student Affiliation

Affiliation with CEP is open to currently enrolled graduate students or postdoctoral researchers in any department or program at Concordia University. There are two levels of affiliation: Reader Affiliates will have access to our library and reading room, while Research Affiliates have full access to production and screening equipment, as well as to the library. Affiliates are expected to contribute to and propel the intellectual and creative work of the Centre, participating in and initiating activities. All affiliates must submit a photo for the CEP webpage and pay a fee of $20 to receive a keycard. Applications will be assessed in relation to the CEP's mandate, and the CEP reserves the right to grant or revoke affiliation at its discretion.

Those interested in collaborating with us without becoming affiliates are invited to email us at We want to hear from you! 

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Readers have access to the library and reading room, while Researchers have full access to all CEP equipment.
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