Expanded Poetics, Course Materials
Winter 2015



Week 1: Introduction
Poiësis Means Making (handout)

Week 2: Free Verse—Being and Form 
Modernist Free Verse (Poems)
Lorine Niedecker, North Central
Daniel Tiffany, "Mortal Images"
Hugh Kenner, "Syntax in Rutherford"

Week 3: Visual Poetry
Rasula and Conley, Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity

Week 4: Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp, The Essential Writings of Marcel Duchamp
Linda Henderson, Duchamp in Context
Andrew Hugill, Pataphysics: A Useless Guide
Thierry de Duve, Pictorial Nominalism
Thierry de Duve, Kant after Duchamp

Week 5: The Russian Avant-Garde
MoMA, The Russian Avant-Garde Book
Velimir Khlebnikov, The King of Time
T.J. Clark, Farewell to An Idea ("God Is Not Cast Down")
John Bowlt, Russian Art of the Avant-Garde

Week 6: Black Mountain College
Vincent Katz, Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art
Nathan Brown, The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics (Chapters 2 & 3, p. 81 - 206)
Cy Twombly Archive
Charles Olson, Collected Prose 
Fuller, Your Private Sky

Week 7: Feminist Art / Conceptual Art
Reckitt and Phelan, Art and Feminism
Peter Osborn, Conceptual Art
Bergvall, Browne, Carmody, Place, I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing By Women

Week 8: Situationism
Guy Debord & Asger Jorn, Mémoires

Week 9: Arakawa and Gins—Procedural Architecture
Madeline Gins, Word Rain and Helen Keller, or Arakawa
Arakawa and Gins, For Example (A Critique of Never) 
Arakawa and Gins, Architectural Body
Arakawa and Gins, The Mechanism of Meaning

Week 10: Basquiat and Afro-Futurism
Kodwo Eshun, More Brilliant Than The Sun
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Now's the Time

Week 11: Contemporary 'Pataphysics
Bergvall, Goan Atom
Bök, Crystallography
Wang, Mad Science in Imperial City