Nathan Brown
Canada Research Chair in Poetics
Associate Professor of English, Concordia University

My research moves between poetics, philosophy, and science/technology studies, investigating conceptual and material determinations of structure, form, and fabrication. Recently my published work has also focused on contemporary art, film, and communist theory. My research is oriented by a materialist approach to art, philosophy, and politics, as well as by attention to the technological mediation of thinking, writing, and art making.

I am presently at work on a research project titled Expanded Poetics: Romantic, Modernist, Contemporary, which aims to produce a critical history of “interdisciplinary” poetics and to periodize transformations of the tension between poetry and poiesis in modernity. My first book, The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics (Fordham UP 2017), is a study of concepts and ideologies of structure and form traversing practices of material construction in science and poetry. Reviews have appeared in Radical Philosophy, Boundary2 Online, and elsewhere. I have recently completed a book manuscript titled Rationalist Empiricism: A Theory of Speculative Critique, which traces the dialectic of reason and experience through ancient, modern, and contemporary thought as a means of holding together the speculative and critical vocations of philosophy.

With Michael Nardone, I edit the CEP’s publishing imprint, DOCUMENTS. With Petar Milat (MaMa Multimedia Center), I have organized an ongoing series of symposia in Croatia since 2009, Conjunture: 21st Century Philosophy, Politics, and Aesthetics.

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