What is the relationship between poetic structure and the moving image? 

The Cinepoetics Research Group meets regularly for a screenings of an experimental or formally inventive film followed by discussion. The idea is to challenge ourselves in applying what we know about poetry to the cinematic image, hopefully expanding our ideas about what poems or images do.

Meetings will be held in the Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia University (LB 681) on Wednesdays from 6-8pm. Because screening runtimes vary, and discussion lasts as long as is needed, we hope that you can plan for some contingency with respect to meeting times. We will do our best to post information about the screenings ahead of time, but no prior knowledge or reading is required. Just plan on showing up with a willingness to watch things that might be considered obscure, challenging, or even weird.

Screening Schedule

September 27
Nostalghia (Tarkovsky, 1983, 125 min)

October 11
The Illinois Parables (Stratman, 2016, 60 min)
American Dreams: Lost and Found (Benning, 1984, 53 min)

October 25
Selected Films by Hito Steyerl

November 15
Ménilmontant (Kirsanoff, 1926, 38 min)
L’Opéra-Mouffe (Varda, 1958, 16 min)
Critique de la Séparation (Debord, 1961, 17 min)

November 29
Selected Films by Gregory Markopoulos
Zorn’s Lemma (Frampton, 1970, 60 min)

December 13
Selected Films by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha


Past Screenings

March 22 - LETTRISM:
Traité de bave et d'éternité
(Isidore Isou, 120min, 1951)


March 8
Toute une nuit
(Chantal Akerman, 99 min, 1982)


Michael Snow.jpg

March 1 - TEXT FILMS:
Secondary Currents
(Peter Rose, 18 min, 1982)
So is This
(Michael Snow, 43 min, 1983)
(Joyce Wieland, 11 min, 1973)

Minh Ha.jpg

Feb 15
Shoot for the Contents
(Trinh T. Minh-ha, 101 min, 1991)

Feb 8 - 1953 SYMPOSIUM:
At Land
(Maya Deren, 1944, 15 min, silent)
Meshes of the Afternoon
(Maya Deren / Alexander Hammid, 1943, 14 min, music by Teiji Ito)
The Geography of the Body
(Willard Mass, 1943, 7 min)
The Mechanics of Love
(Willard Maas / Ben Moore, 1955, 5 min)
Un chant d'amour
(Jean Genet, 1950, 25 min)


February 1 - MASS MEDIA:
(Bruce Conner, 1967, 13 min)
Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
(Johan Grimonprez, 1997, 68 min)