The Centre for Expanded Poetics is an experimental research laboratory for the interdisciplinary study of structure, form, and fabrication. 



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How do scientists build, model, measure, and visualize material structure? 


We study connections between scientific and poetic approaches to structure, form, and fabrication, attending in particular to how biology, physics, chemistry, metrology, and materials science might inform the conceptual resources of poetics.



Take paper, pixels, letters, marks: fold, configure, construct. 


Approaching poetry as practice of material construction and conceptual articulation, we study its participation in a larger field of artistic practices, including cinema, photography, architecture, sculpture, and performance.



How is the political relationship between embodiment and social determination mapped and reconstructed within poetry and poetics? 


Eschewing disembodied accounts of poetic subjectivity, we approach poetics as a politically, historically situated practice inflected by embodied positionality. 



How do concepts of form and structure influence and emerge from material practices of artistic production? 


We study the history of philosophy alongside contemporary theory and media studies in order to situate poetic making in relation to conceptual problems traversing different fields of artistic, architectural, and scientific practice.